Our cover is blown.

Now that you’ve found your way to our safe house, we may as well tell you a little something about Perfect Heist. A four-piece crew, Perfect Heist spends most nights in a Bethesda, Md. garage plotting the next big job. We’ve cased joints that run the gamut from dive bars to DC-metro-area haunts with a couple of beers on tap. Our approach is always the same: Blow the doors off, and then sneak out the back alley. In the intervening minutes, we always get into some kind of jam.

The line-up:
Jack Stripling - Lead vocals
Richard Hsu - Keyboards; Vocals
Paul South - Lead guitar; Vocals
Skip Daly - Drums

David Moltz - Concert Sound Engineer, Monitors, and Effects Wizard

Perfect Heist

Photo by Sarah Cairns

Copyright 2012, Perfect Heist